Notary's office

Notarial certification and drafting of notarial deeds

  • Notarial certification of legal transactions under Liechtenstein or foreign law; e.g. certification of company formations, resolutions of meetings of legal entities and partnerships, amendments to articles of association, company purchase agreements, real estate transactions, inheritance transactions, marriage contracts, establishment of sureties
  • Notarial certification of facts and legal relationships 
  • Drafting of enforceable (executory) notarial deeds 
  • Taking of affidavits and recording of (un)sworn depositions of witnesses for use or preparation of court proceedings abroad


  • Certification of signatures and hand signs
  • Certification of copies or transcripts
  • Certification of extracts from documents
  • Certification of translations
  • Date certifications


The fee guidelines of the Liechtenstein Chamber of Notaries apply. However, the fee is negotiable within the meaning of Art. 21 NotarG.